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Whetstone to grind of the new age

It is grounded the SID-YAMATO new age

Group companies of SID-YAMATO three

① I ground it with the Honing of EV, FCV, the hydrogen fueled car
② I ground the plane corresponding to difficulty cut materials (aluminum, mirror surface)
③ I ground the nano corresponding to the semiconductor (silicon, crystal)

I realize three


YAMATO material


Super abrasive Honing Whetstone, Honing head suggestion and production INAKEN product

■Super abrasive Honing Whetstone
I am obstinate and, including every metal such as quick cooling steel, FC materials, super hard nickel-based compound material, aluminum alloy, a lead alloy, the copper compound metal, adapt to wide materials from a thing fragile again to a thing with the tenacity from (ceramic materials such as cermet, nitriding silicon) to a very soft thing.

■Honing head
50% decide the processing precision of the product at a design stage.
By the suggestion of the Honing head drawing performance of the Whetstone enough, I provide the Honing head which you can be satisfied with by a customer.
■Super abrasive (diamond &CBN) plane Whetstone to grind
I sell the super abrasives (diamond &CBN) for plane, grinding it such as brake discs.
I realize reduction of a mass production, the cost with superior processing precision and longer life.

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High efficiency hexaGon DDG (the laboratory of two rulers cut Whetstone) SID-YAMATO product

■High efficiency hexaGon DDG (the laboratory of two rulers cut Whetstone)
"SID-YAMATO" of the aggregate of the hexaGon (hexagon) Whetstone realizes high-precision high efficiency processing.

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A robot and semiconductor lead product handling sale

■A robot and semiconductor
Whetstone to grind plays an active part in the field of robot industry and super exact processing including the semiconductor.

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